Do you want a premium experience for your guests?

I’m on a mission to upgrade the guest experience.

I have visited dozens of vacation rental properties. In every case, the primary source of information was a physical booklet that contained the procedures, rules, and other important information concerning my stay. In addition, there were multiple missed opportunities! Let me share some examples…

  • No welcome email at all (not enough info)
  • A massive welcome email with everything including departure instructions (too much info at once)
  • A book with outdated information (worse than no info at all)

I believe there is an opportunity to provide this information in an easily accessible way in a way that is contextually relevant.

Let’s walk through a scenario.

This is Adam and Jenna. They have 3 children. It’s February and cold. Spring break is just around the corner and they are going to spend a week in an oceanside community by the Gulf.

Jenna finds a nice home in a beautiful setting with the required amenities. She books her stay over a month out and continues to explore the area.

Two months out

Shortly, Jenna receives an email from her hosts thanking her for choosing them for the stay.

Her hosts have used a feature in Visit Valet to add some of their favorite local area attractions that they would like to share with their guests. Jenna is able to book a day’s worth of activities from the recommendations.

Two days out

A couple of days before their arrival Jenna receives another email from her hosts. Visit Valet has summarized the information relevant to their arrival.

Driving directions to the house from the airport and major highways are included with convenient links to launch directly into driving directions with Google Maps.

This message also includes a note about the 2pm time check-in as well as information on parking restrictions at the property.

Finally, the message includes a unique link to the mobile-friendly website (demo coming soon!) which will serve as the family’s primary source of information about the property.

Check-in day

The morning of their arrival Jenna receives a text message.

Hi Jenna! Your key code for the property is 018367. Call us at 800 555 9198 with any access issues or questions. Thanks!


It’s Tuesday, and the regular garbage collection is Wednesday morning. Jenna receives a text message.

Hi Jenna! Just a reminder to please move the garbage cans to the end of the driveway tonight. Once empty please move them back. Thanks!

Check-out day

It’s Saturday morning and the day of the family’s departure. Jenna receives an email.

Visit Valet has compiled the departure instructions and sent them to the guest at a contextually relevant time.

Two days after

Jenna receives an email thanking her for her stay and asking her to leave a review for the property on a travel review site.

With this message and all previous messages, no time was required by the owner or property manager. After some upfront time to set up the system and add your custom information, these steps happen automatically throughout your guests stay.


My booking site already does _____!

These interactions are customizable. If your booking software already manages key codes, does follow up for reviews, etc, then that specific interaction in Visit Valet can be disabled for your property.